Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Guat team prep

In a few weeks, I've got the cool opportunity to spend an evening helping our college aged Guatemala team prep a little bit for their trip. (See previous post here about the trip.)
I have two goals for this team prep. The first goal is about team dynamics, getting along with each other, etc. They are a large group, numbering about 25 or so people. And they will be gone for about three weeks. To do that, I will be doing something with The Hardy Personality. I'm not sure how specifically yet.
The second goal deals with essential elements of church in other cultures. I will probably use this exercise (those of you that have been to Perspectives will recognize it), dealing with what practicies are essential and what are not.
This team leaves in the middle of July and since October, they have been meeting on the first Saturday every month, for three hours each month. Usually, we have teams that don't do enough preparation. In this case, I think that the team leaders understand how important prep is (and they even went to a seminar series on prepping short term teams, after the ACMC conference had a promotion about it.)
Overall, I'm sure it will be a fun evening and I'm really looking forward to it. Two of my NYC team from last summer are on this team, and I really love the leaders of this trip. They are a blast to be around.

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