Sunday, February 15, 2004

Listen to Jarrett Stevens. He is a teaching pastor at one of the Willow Creek gen X ministries, I think. Anyway, him and his wife Jeanne spoke at our CpR retreats for a few years in a row. Awesome speakers, but moreso than that, they realized that real ministry happens in relationships, among small groups of people. So with every retreat, they met with us leaders and :
- asked if there were any big issues in our ministry that they could address as guest speakers. One year, one of our students was killed in a car accident the Friday morning that all the kids left for the retreat. They listened, and used it during their sessions.
- ALWAYS emphasized that we, as the small group leaders, are the catalysts of change. They always had 3 follow up questions we could take from their talks and use in group time, which was always right after a session.
The dynamic that they had as the spoke together was so great. I haven't listened to the whole message, but I'm sure its a good one.

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