Tuesday, February 08, 2005

2005 summer mission trips - mission agencies

I thought I would kind of list out some hints for people that might be searching for a summer missions experience with a mission agency.
Of course, this is not everything.
But it gives a good starting point if you think you might want to go somewhere with an agency that specializes in career missions.
Most of the agencies that I have picked here are well known. They have proven track records, they are committed to the 10-40 window and unreached people groups and I personally know people that have gone either short term or full time with them. I've also listed some links to the well known youth missions orgs too.
I hope this helps some of you looking out there.

"Bringing Light to the Least-Reached"
Christar is offering STOP, their Summer Training and Outreach Program. There is a Chinese, Muslim and Hindu track.
The Chinese track is in the Far East, the Muslim track is in the Metro NY area and the Hindu track is in the US, South Asia and Holland.

Christian Associates International
"To reach the unchurched through the multiplication of high-impact
leaders and high-impact churches."
Lots of stuff in Eurpoe including France, Spain, Scotland and Portugal,just to name a few. Ministries such as kids camps, prayer walkers, woodworkers, youth and childrens ministry, and large
evangelism event support.

"mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached people groups by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches"
The Edge(for 18 and over only)
Including Bosnia, India, Japan, Bolivia, Thailand. Ministries include prayer walking, ESL, sports ministry, and Chinese Judo (I'm serious.)
Full pdf here

For YWAM specifics, it's best to get in touch with each specific base. The ones I know off the top of my head are NY, Orlando, Las Vegas, LA. Mission Adventures is the name of their summer missions segment and I took a team to NYC with this branch in 2002, with a pretty good overall experience.

Teen Missions
Of course, they have the whole realm of trips for middle and high school students.

Global Expeditions
The global missions arm of Teen Mania.
Trips in every continnet, here is a good summary of all
the locations and associated ministry activities.
Looks like generally for ages 11-19

Adventures in Missions
They of course have lots and lots of locations also.
Full listing.

Teen Missions, Global Expeditions and Adventures in Missions have lots of contacts and resources and always every year have tons and tons of options for young people.

Global Connections with the Navigators
Unfortunately, for these trips registration is closed
due to the high volume of applications requested.
But here are the ministry trip sites and activities.
This would also be for college students.

As you can see, the opportunities are incredible. Short term missions is big business. All the more reason why missions and mission should be driven by God's leading, a connection and a viable plan for ministry.

UPDATE 2005-02-11
Check out Jeremy's comments about Chain Reaction. Feel free to comment on other opportunites that you have had experience with and I'll continue to update this post.

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