Saturday, February 19, 2005

Misc Weekend Update

I'm sick. And I have things that must get done. It's kind of a drag. Oh well.
Yesterday, I had lunch with two college kids from the grade that I was a leader for. I talked a bit about them in my previous post about emerging leaders. We really had a great time talking about how they are plugged into ministry at the Univ of MD, what they see for the future and what their summer plans are. The gist of the conversation was 'We would love to be involved with whatever you are doing this summer.' Do you run across at a lot college kids who just want to help out with students during their summers? I don't. Although I think I was one of those when I was in college... Anyway, we had a great time.
Last evening was CpR's annual All Around the USA dinner, one of the big high school outreach nights. The main church's auditorium was turned into a frenzy of food stations, celebrating all kinds of different food from all over the country. The food part lasted for about 90 minutes and then everyone went across to the Warehouse for a regular Friday night program. Lots of fun. The coolest part for me was seeing about 100 adult volunteers who help out with everything from food prep, setup, decorations, cleanup, etc. Let me say that again - 100!! adult volunteers. You think this adult body believes in students? It's pretty amazing.
Today is working on some home improvements - the fam is away for the weekend. Tonight is a meeting with the leaders of one of our mission trips, to prep for an info meeting next weekend. And then I have to work on a release - probably all night. And I think I'm sick now...

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