Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pursuit of "WOW"

Tom Peters has this phrase that he uses a lot, and it has stuck with me, for a long time. 'The Pursuit of WOW.' Doesn't that just sound so cool?
I remember taking a team to NYC this past summer. As we drove up the NJ turnpike, and then down to the river where we were to go into the Lincoln Tunnel, hearing a kid in the back seat of the van, looking at the cityscape, just ooze the word, 'Wow.'
I recall having finished dinner in a Brooklyn African buffet and walking back down to a city park, which was, unbeknownst to us, the worst park in the city, and setting up to play kickball. And 30-40 kids from every corner of the park running towards us, smiling, laughing, beaming. And thinking, 'Wow, the kingdom is near.'
I barley remember finishing the first hot shower in 4 days, watching one of my daughters drink her chocolate milk after counting 160 bug bites between the two of us. Not quite understanding the experience that we had shared together and thinking, 'Wow, she now knows that the world is waiting.'
Isn't that the kind of thing we all work for? That fleeting moment of WOW. The indescribable expression of awe, when they see a city larger than their imagination. When they see potential run towards them. When we realize that we have been a part of sparking the future. When we have been energized by knowing that we were made for this. When we fully understand how and why God has placed us at the intersection of history, people and His reach.

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