Saturday, December 13, 2003

Lots of links tonight and thoughts tonight... (It's a slow night covering a production release...)

Here is a very interesting article about a former Playboy playmate doing incredible community development work in Haiti.

A few things got my attention:
- that she specifically went to the worst of the slums.
- it seems like she is not just throwing short term solutions but looking at long term methods (ie not just feeding them but teaching them how to feed themselves...)
- 16,000 children on $13,500 a month. wow.
- look at how she handles the finances, low to zero overhead

A free DVD on missions, the IMB International Missions Emphasis 2003. Order it for free here

Very nice, could be a very good resource for discussing with people.
Being a tentmaker and rebuilding Afghanistan here

- only 21% of women and 51% of men can read
- 40% of university professors are homeless
- "If tentmakers never open their mouths, I think that's deceptive. If I simply only use my credentials as an agenda to get me in, so I can start preaching to people, that's false. I don't live two lives. I'm a Christian with five degrees."

Reaching out to prostitutes in Vancouver here

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