Wednesday, February 16, 2005

On the Mend

I think I'm on the mend now. Two specific ideas have really helped.
First, I've been listening to this new Chris Tomlin CD almost nonstop. You know how sometimes there is just this song that speaks to you - #4 - Your Grace is Enough. (You probably have to listen to it to know.) It was enough of a reminder to me that God isn't interested in me thinking I can do it all, like I wrote about in another post. In reality, He is interested in me relying on Him, in ways to shatter understanding. It has very little to do with my efforts, but a whole lot to do with my reliance on Him. And that, of course, His is enough. It was a pretty awesome reminder. I would like to think that I'm much more optimistic about things related to work now.
Secondly, I was reminded of another principle that I have really forgotten about at work - that being on mission clarifies. When you are on the mission Jesus sent us all on, you won't worry about normal things, like position, power, standing before men. Clarity about purpose and circumstance comes when you decide to live like you are on mission with Jesus. I had forgotten the real purpose of my job - not to push code or manage engineers per se. But to stomp out the darkness and fight for the souls of men and women.
Aaah, February...

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