Friday, February 11, 2005

Some great stuff

Work has lightened up a bit this week. Not the volume of things I have to do at work, just the pressure and atmosphere. It's been some needed relief. Last weekend, people on my team worked until 3am both Friday and Saturday nights, me included. Next week, the cycle starts again for two weekends in a row with some software releases we have to implement. Blah.
Some neat stuff has happened outside of work this week. First, I had a great phone conversation with Larry from Urban Impact about some stuff that might happen with SPACE in the spring. Very exciting. If you are looking to go to NYC to do some missional work, think about Larry. I can vouch for him doing missions the right way.
Secondly, I had another great phone conversation with a short term coordinator named John from Christar. Just really encouraging to talk a little bit about what we are doing with SPACE and what it looks like from the perspective of a mission agency. The main purpose of the conversation was to follow up on a possibility for the summer but we talked about preparing students, his background, their purpose with short term trips and stuff like that. Really encouraging to me.
Thirdly, I was given an incredible opportunity within our body. I still can't believe it. I'm not going to tell much about it except to say that it was such a honor to be thought of that way. We are still thinking and praying about it, but leaning towards declining, since it's a pretty big time commitment, for at least a year, and I'm already heavily invested in SPACE for 2005-2006 even already. And it would be a shift away from students. It would be a huge sacrifice, but its pretty incredible. Anyway, it's a cool thing to be deciding between multiple excellent opportunities.

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