Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cold Weather Shelter this week

This week GCC is hosting Cold Weather Shelter. CWS is an initiative spread among a few churches in Howard County that have agreed to open up their space for a week at a time during the winter to house homeless people. It's really a great idea and I'm glad GCC is a part of it this year.
There is this whole army of people that are helping with it, in all kinds of needs such as transportation, food, entertainment, laundry, etc. Our SPACE crew team will be hanging out at CWS on Friday night, bringing some board games, cards, etc.
I stopped over there earlier this evening - one of the guy Dteams was over there hanging out with the residents. It was the coolest thing - to see a group of 10th grade guys take a little time to hang out with those less fortunate. Hopefully, this experience, along with the mentoring and wisdom of their Dteam leaders (two guys who I have incredible respect for) makes an impact on these guys -- what following Jesus really means to them and the things that they should not only believe but care passionately about.

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