Tuesday, July 06, 2010

T minus 6

6 days until we depart - so excited to spend time with this team. Here are some random things on my list - in case it might help you with your mission team planning.

+ finalize devotional guide - Guides
+ booked 12 passenger van - 2 drivers
+ getting signed health/liability forms including a copy of everyone's health id cards
+ figure out where to meet in the airport at 5:30am [you read that right - am]
+ outlined a daily text to the team for items to pray about, predeparture
+ buy ribbon to mark all of our luggage
+ dea is our team's point person to help coordinate food during the week - a huge help
+ about 30 people all together between our team and Amadeo's team
+ long and fun conversation last night with AR about a future in full time apostolic starting
+ break down our team into VBS age groups
+ pack
+ airport check in - 24 hours before departure
+ grab barf bags once I'm in my seat


  1. Don't forget your wrist things!!

  2. sea bands woo hoo! not to be confused with silly bands.