Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missiological Concepts for Students

There are some significant missiological concepts that not many high school students are getting. Teach these at the right time, in the right context, and we will grow students to do amazing things for the Kingdom. A 10th grader is old enough to get these.

Here's a few that we taught this week in AZ. Most of these were "taught" in decompression/debriefing sessions. Hopefully, they were more caught this week since we were seeing these concepts in real life.

cultural distance - two cultures being different along a continuum, some cultures are closer than others.
contextualization - bringing the Gospel in the right context, every culture and person has a back story going on.
person of peace - well connected influencers in the community [tell you more about this one later]
cause creates community - community almost never exists for itself, but comes from a greater cause [from my mentor @alex_mcmanus]
unreached/unengaged people groups
redemptive analogy
And of course, like everything on this blog, feel free to use and steal this.

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