Monday, July 12, 2010

AZ sunday

long travel day due to catching a 7.30 am flight. arrived in time to catch part of the second service at amadeo church where ben is the lead pastor. total portable church that meets in a school - fun to help out packing it up after church and see how that is really done. they have a closet that they keep all their stuff in at the school, versus having to pack it away in storage offsite. ben clearly articulated why amadeo exists in his message yesterday, 'we exist here to bless out there.' love that.

about 30 young people are here from all over the place - colorado, northern ireland, us and canada. most of the day was spent hanging, getting to know them and us getting situated. and eating - we ate 4 meals yesterday.

we also passed our flyers for the vbs in the apartment complex where that is occurring later this week. evening was spent with some worship, a short talk, sharing hopes and fears and lots of praying.

our team time was focused on cultural icons and the concept of cultural distance.

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