Thursday, July 15, 2010

AZ wednesday

Wednesday was a very full day of ministry. Prayer on the streets first thing in the morning. We aren't a lot of people come but there are some cool things going on in our group. A few people have been prayed over and that's been pretty wild. Of course, a theology of healing can be a controversial thing to open up. Suffice to say that we are doing it because Jesus asked the disciples to do that.

In the afternoon we went to Re:store, which is a food and clothing pantry that was started by some folks at Amadeo. It is now an independent nonprofit and is being used in cool ways to impact the community. We sorted some food and clothing, cleaned up and helped distribute some food boxes to a few customers. Re:store started in someone's garage and then it moved into the church office and then it took over the office - control and possession is not an easy thing to give up.

The evening was VBS again, night 2. Things flowed better in terms of setup, our teams said that some kids were much more responsive to them and operationally things seem to work a bit better. One slight bump - some lady came out to cuss out Ben's wife because of the noise. That's always fun.

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