Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AZ tuesday

Tuesday was our first real day of ministry and it was amazing. We started with the praying on the streets. Set up some tents on a lot just outside the city limits with some signs and banners. We had one person stop. Sometimes, it only takes one.

For lunch, the guides and I and Ben went out for chinese and to do a Q&A together. More notes on that later.

Later in the afternoon, I spoke for a few minutes - I'll post some notes for that later too.

The evening was vbs at a local apartment complex that Amadeo has been hanging out with. There are now 15 families from the complex that are now involved. VBS on the road sounds like a phenomenal idea - you should know that it's a huge logistical challenge. Also, Amadeo bought a water slide for this. They also feed families dinner as the first part of VBS.

Lots of chaos and movement since both the prayer and the VBS today were the first time they have tried this. As apostolic starters, this team needs to get used to the chaos. And Ben is a great example of creativity, innovation and trying a bunch of stuff and keeping what works.

Debriefing included culture and context; operational logistics; going after the 1 instead of the 99 [Luke 15]; and getting used to the chaos. [I'll be updating these posts with pictures later]

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