Friday, July 16, 2010

AZ thursday

Final full day of ministry - it's been an intense 3 days. Healing prayer on the streets in the morning.

After the prayer session, we took a break and then had a guest speaker - Josh Liverman who is the director of short term missions from Frontiers. He gave a quick overview about what their missions agency focuses on, talked about the basics of Islam, and gave some ideas on how students could take the next step if they were interested in that kind of focus for missions. Great guy - fit in very well with the kind of students we had. And he had lots of tattoos for a missionary =).

We also had a special worship leader this afternoon [like these kids need a worship 'leader'] and a speaker talking about worship as a lifestyle.

The evening was VBS again which was awesome. These teams did so great, creating this out of nothing. And running it in the 105 degree heat was just about crazy.

So proud of what our teams have done this week and so many elements of this trip have aligned perfectly.

[Edited post since I totally forgot exactly what we were doing this day when I originally wrote it.]

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