Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casting Fire - Session Notes

Jer 20:9
Heb 12:29
Psalm 97:3
Deut 4:24
Exo 13:21

[disclaimer - most of these concepts are stolen, sorry for the disorg]

Look at fire as a paradigm for your life. Light vs. dark, heat vs. cold, etc.]

1 - Jesus fire in each student.
You have the ability to be a part of the movement Jesus started centuries ago. The pretense of having to be ready to do this is false.
Mark 5 - the demon possessed guy - he was sent back to be responsible for a region of 10 cities, immediately after becoming healed by Jesus.

2 - We need apostolic starters.
Starting and seeding the gospel in places where it doesn't exist. A DNA of starting, initiating, beginning. Relationships, conversations, causes, momentum.
US Church in crisis, global urban migration, shift of center of Christianity - all making the most exciting times to be a Christian today.
You will start things that we can't even imagine right now.

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