Friday, July 16, 2010

Q and A with Ben Cloud

The guides and I took a quick lunch break and had a Q&A session with Ben Cloud. Here are some of the highlights.

Context: Amadeo Church launched in 2006. About 150 people in two services, meets at a elementary school. Was a youth pastor before this and also served bi-vocationally working as an engineer part time. Bachelors degree in Education and Masters in Applied Linguistics.

On church growth:
can only grow a church to 150 for right now.

On personal health:
meet with 12 guys right now, wanting them to own the ministry. decided to focus on 3 things for Amadeo in this season right now - child ministry, outreach and prayer. had to personally lead the prayer team.
spent a week in our cabin with family the week before this week and will do that the week after we are done too.

On organic growth:
adults don't do organic. college kids do it but don't get anything done.

On discipleship:
chart out how much free time you really have - break your calendar into 15 minute samples. start to spend some of that time to meet with one person and challenge them in growth.

On sabbath month every summer:
every time we do it, we lose 2 or 3 families. could be too legalistic or too liberal.

On going to college:
get a marketable degree so you can get a real job when you come out. continue to serve wherever you can in Kingdom work as you work a real job and make as much money as you can to support your friends in ministry.

On vocational ministry:
only do vocational ministry if that's the only thing you can imagine doing. can't do this unless god calls you - otherwise you will blame everything and everyone else when the tough times come, which they will.

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