Monday, June 28, 2010


Recently been in big discussions about missions focus. "One church can't do everything... the shotgun approach to missions isn't effective... we can't support and/or care for all the missionaries going to all these places..."

Yes - I understand. Yes - I've heard this before. Yes - I know there are lots of churches that are amazingly effective because they've said no to some and yes to others. I get all of that.

My very big caution:
Don't squelch the team of young people that are fully qualified but still want to do something outside of your focus area. The easy mistake is equate not-in-focus-area with being not-qualified. And listen, I believe in high standards for cross cultural workers. They have to be well prepared. I'm not saying approve every crazy person with a crazy idea. Apostolic starters don't just show up [they are developed...], but when they do, you ought to engage them.

Lots more about this topic, obviously... But hey, let's hear some push back.

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