Monday, June 07, 2010

Proud of our Kids

Our kids have had an amazing school year. Dea and I are so proud of them. It's not been an easy year and they've really persevered and they've learned a lot about themselves.

Em took a hip hop dance class all year. If you know her, you know she's got a rhythm that doesn't come from me. She dreaded class most weeks but made it through - last night was the dance recital and her team did great. She's 2nd from the right in the picture.

I've written about Kt's malaria project before - her presentation was at an evening school enrichment fair a few weeks ago.

We are proud parents.


  1. It's always such an amazing experience to watch children grow up and to see how God is shaping them.

  2. thanks rodney - and you've been reading this blog a LOOOONNNNGGG time.... =)