Friday, June 04, 2010

Supp Supp Support

Our team is in the midst of raising some support right now - most of you know it can seem like a tedious, intimidating, feel-like-a-gamble experience, almost like a necessary evil. We are currently at about 15% - part of me is elated about that and the other part of me is worried that we won't make it. No megachurch account to back us this summer. Talk to people that are sustained by this kind of thing full time and they will tell you the support raising experience is really a faith raising experience.

But I love the other valuable side of this experience. Take a 16 year old kid, invite them to join in something larger than themselves, then they've got to share with family and friends about it, inviting them to be a significant partner in the whole project. The team collectively and expectantly [and nervously] watches their family and friends join in. So much fun to watch a young person dedicate themselves - they get committed to the core. And even better, sometimes, the question transforms from "will we make it?" into "what else can we do to ensure that we will make it?" It doesn't happen everyday and it's part of why we do this.

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