Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 AZ team meeting #2

Team meeting #2 last night with the AZ team - the first one now that our team is finally set. Lots of fun working with this team - I'm very expectant based on the potential of each one of these guys and girls.

Here's the agenda in case you are prepping your team and need some help. Like everything on the blog - feel free to take what works for you.

+ Support update - 42%. Hopefully buying plane tickets this week.
+ Myers Briggs test - this is the really fun part. We talked a little bit about what the types mean, what it means on a team like this and gave a few examples from the past - especially about E vs. I and J vs. P. Best part is when you chart out the team.
+ Mixer - JTimmons and AR ran a mixer that included a skit, middle names and school mascots.
+ Quick glance at the 8 big questions and the treasure hunt concept from the Short Term Missions Workbook - we will spend more time on these in future meetings. [Long time readers know I love this resource - if you do a lot of this mission stuff, you should have a copy.]
1. Walk with humility.
2. Embrace with affirmation.
3. Live with vulnerability.
4. Practice flexibility.
5. Live as a student.
6. Work as a servant.
7. Speak as a storyteller.
Let the Spirit tell God’s story through you.
+ Overview of tentative in the field schedule
+ Dessert

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