Thursday, June 10, 2010

Latest Kindling

+ Been reconnecting with some ex-SPACE peeps this week - feels like life is almost normal after the past few months.
+ MichelleK is working at Virginia Tech all summer : economic analysis, farming technologies, underdeveloped countries. Told you she was one to watch.
+ We are at about 25% for support for the AZ team. If you are interested in helping fund future apostolic starters, I can almost guarantee you a return on your investment. You might think I'm being overly presumptuous - let me show you the portfolio.
+ Been reading this fun blog. Love hearing about local spots in DC as well as activities from a CSM host.
+ Thanks again for your prayers for my mom - she's managing and we think through the initial stages of grief.
+ Every team goes through excitement and then anxiety as their dream takes shape via support raising. I have faith in my wife having faith.
+ LB is settling in to furban [fake urban] Montgomery County. Hey, I can say that because I grew up there. She's gotten involved at a local domestic violence nonprofit. She couldn't tell me anything else about it - it's basically like a security clearance.
+ From 2010 on the move - Robyn landed in Israel yesterday. Trevin leaves tomorrow. Tayest leaves in late July. Erin attends a global missions conference with her agency in early August. Saw Tayest and TriciaB twice in the past week.
+ We've recently made the decision that Dea and Em will also come to AZ with us. Love love love having my family around mission experiences. Going to require some interesting family budgeting but worth every penny.
+ Been intrigued with the following questions with the elder team: 1 - how do we identify and engage existing influencers?; 2 - can/should our elders get feedback from a team of futurists?; 3 - what kinds of things should be on a list that an elder team looks at as a dashboard of effectiveness?
+ Our 2009-2010 interns are making some serious financial commitments with regard to Arizona - not will we make it but how we will make it.
+ Ember friend MPM retires from youth ministry at the end of next month.this weekend. Sad to not be able to be at the youth service he is speaking at. misread that email.... 12 years - as a volunteer. With a normal job. And a wife. And kids. That equates to about 18 years in my mind. Well done Matt.

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