Friday, June 18, 2010

AZ team update

Lots going on with our team, all very fun.

+ Our support is at about 90% which is amazing. We bought plane tickets yesterday. With only 3 weeks to go, booking a team of 11 on the same set of flights is pretty miraculous.
+ We will be a tad over budget at the end - there was an increase in flight costs. Pretty confident that additional support will come in to cover it. If not hmm....
+ The guides JTimmons and AR are busy putting together a devotional guide. This will be the guide that all teams visiting Amadeo all through July will use. They are also tasked with running our daily team time.
+ We are hosting a fundraising evening at a local Qdoba next week. If you are local and in the mood for some Mexican food, would love for you to stop by. The team gets 20% of the evening - you have to bring this flyer with you. Thursday 4-8pm.
+ Ben is hosting teams all through July - you already know he's got partnerships all over the world. Some peeps from Canada and Northern Ireland will be there the same week we are there.
+ Most nights this week, the guides were at my house scheming. Lots of brownies...

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