Wednesday, June 02, 2010

09-10 Ember Interns - Leaders for the Future

On the surface, one would probably think the intern process is, well, for the interns. True to a certain extent. But dig deeper - not to say that the interns themselves are means to an end - the long term view informs us that we do this to make a difference for the future. The transformation of them as people is good - the impact they make is better.

These guys embody many of the characteristics of what future leaders look like. After working with them for a year, here a few that rise to the top:

+ Adaptable
Not to say the leader of the future isn't a planner, they are. But they are know that most plans, and life, is fluid and dynamic, and doesn't always run according to the first plan. Some of this is also their sense of the Spirit's guidance.

+ Passionate Starters
Ideas only go so far. The ideas that really count are the ones that get executed.

+ Fun
They like to have fun, they have a great sense of humor, they don't mind laughing at themselves.

+ Explorers
Inquisitive, always interested in learning, asking lots of questions and taking lots of notes, applying the principles, loving the journey.

If leaders of the future look like these guys, we are in good shape.

[This is the final post in a series evaluating the Ember intern process for 2009-2010: Overview, Positives, Improvements]

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