Saturday, June 17, 2006

It Actually Might Advance

So, this Mission Advance thing might actually work. Lord be with us.

Workshop Team:
There will be three guests coming with us - specifically to do some mission prep sessions:
JGuy - who was a student in the ministry and then became a Dteam leader. He has participated on numerous cross cultural mission trips, as well as helping to lead a SPACE team to Trinidad in 2005, assisting a GCC family living there. This past February, he spent 3 weeks in Southeast Asia, living with another GCC family.
MMaloy - who will be starting his third (!) rotation as a Dteam leader in the fall - he is either nuts or crazy. Seriously though, MMaloy is a well seasoned youth worker and has loads of experience with student missions. He has helped lead teams to DC, Trinidad, and Canada. He was also a big part of our most recent Senior missions weekend to NYC.
N and B Rmsing - N and B lived in Africa for a number of years and bring some very relevant cross cultural experience to our teams for this weekend.

Nothing too elaborate. Easy to eat breakfasts. Deli meat sandwiches for lunch. Meatball subs for dinner. Easy to eat and clean up. Two middle school mothers have volunteered to help and JBourq is also going to help. We will make teams come in and do meal prep and clean up for different meals and call it team bonding, when it in fact is just cheap labor. It's either help for your own meal or work in an iPod factory. Our kids were away tonight at Grannys and D and I went to a warehouse store and priced and bought a bunch of stuff. I'm much more optimistic about the whole thing after doing that. Almost all of these good ideas come from D.

Barley enough cars to get there. I think.

Worship leader:
Pray that the heavens open up on this one.

I guess since this weekend's idea was mine, I'm responsible. Not only for the logistics going smoothly, but the overall tone and direction of the weekend. I guess at some point I'm going to have to talk about why we are doing what we do.

Team Bonding:
There are going to be two specific points for team interacting, bonding and growing, besides all the informal times. One is going to be very relational with the teams having to interact outside of themselves. The other is going to require some creativity and innovation, as well as just teams having a lot of fun with each other. Wish I could say more, but it's a fantastic idea. And it wasn't mine, it was Ds. And of course, the whole focus of this weekend is for the teams to grow together, just by being together.

Tell you more maybe after this coming weekend is over.

Photo: The Sheng girls, at an end of nature camp picnic for E. School is out!

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