Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Skype, Smores and a Sombrero

The girlies are at the Madres in CT this week. She has been gracious enough to have them so that D and I could pull off this past weekend together and not have to worry about our girls. The girls are, of course, having a great time there and in no hurry for us to pick them up. Oh to be so carefree....

The whole pale-skinned side of the family decided to buy webcams and download Skype to keep in touch. I just got a webcam yesterday and we were able to video talk to the girls for the first time last night. Very fun and works pretty well. Our video last night was a little choppy and might have been due to both a bad connection and the electrical storms in our area.

I've been using Skype on and off for about a year and started to use it to talk to GMcM when we were getting ready for Brasil. Who would have imagined it would be so easy to keep in touch with friends around the world?

Photo: Kt and Em [in the foreground], smores and a sombrero; the sombrero courtesy of the fun effects that came with our webcam.

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