Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is It Still a Great Idea?

Ok... So SPACE Mission Advance was a great idea when it was conceived in, hmm let's say November. Now though, I'm thinking it may be one of the worst ideas I will ever try to execute.

Here were the original ideas behind why it would be so great:
- teams travel together for a weekend before their mission trip
- bring in some guys to facilitate sessions on missions - culture, your story, state of the world, etc.
- give the team leaders some concentrated time with their teams to do whatever they wish
- send the teams to the beach during Sat to do some kind of service/relational/culture project [of course, no tracts]
- teams get to hang out together and chill at the beach
- the momentum of everyone on the teams seeing all the teams together

Even as I type this, I still love the concept.

So, lets go through why this might just crash and burn -
- scope of 65 people
- transporting them all there - via cars, drivers, etc.
- food for all of them
- getting a worship leader - someone who will dare to create and shape the environment through worship
- did i mention feeding all of these people?
- oh and it's in two weeks

So we will pray this weekend into existence. This absolutely is one of those things that will not work unless God comes through and blesses our efforts.

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