Friday, June 30, 2006

Ready for a vacation

Well we are ready. I'm not answering my cell phone for a while. And I'm sure people will manage. And someone is at my house just so you know. Here is the to-do list as of the past few weeks. Most of it has been quite worth it.

X DC - MR - CSM drop in?
X find DC mini vans
X cam visa - notarized letter from parents
X cam visa - letter from church
X team pictures to church office
X merge packet to jess w
X merge registration
X MMaloy JGuy Rmsings Mission Advance prep
X Cam team shot info faxed to Mary
X SPACE mission advance updated info sheet
X SPACE projected payment info to accountant
X find Mission Advance worship leader
X Drop visa batch#1
X LC moms - drinks for Mission Advance help
X list of families for Taiwan host to EOBrn
X projected church van need to SM
X DWoo - Merge guys paperwork
X meet with LB - funding and visas for next week
X input checks for this week
X input checks for last last week
X send out team financial reports
X write my personal thank you cards
X follow up with visa guy on status of first batch
mission adv finance close
X cam DI stuffs
X cam next mtg schedule
X RB LA release
X pay mission advance "citation" if that is what you call it
X swim across the pool for the first time
find student for merge team opening

See you in mid July. Might be some posts that are prewritten and published with a simple click before lounging at the pool. Or might not be.

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