Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mission Sunday 2006

I meant to post this a few days ago, but, like I mentioned before, Sunday was a total blur. If you asked or told me about something on Sunday, you should email it again.

Anyway, besides it being Fathers Day, and me working until 6am the night before, it was Mission Sunday - the Sunday where GCC promotes all summer mission trips. In theory, it is a phenomenal idea. The whole church gets to see and hear a little bit about some its own going out to different places and serving with different ministries. There are seven summer teams this year and I'm really ecstatic to have a small role in five of those teams.

Our graphic artist put together thousands of prayer cards for each of the teams. [See my previous posts.] She also printed the cards poster size. Each team had its own little area out in the lobby after each service where people could pick up a card and meet and chat with some of the team. It was really fun and like I told all of the kids - its a great opportunity to share with someone a cool thing you are doing this summer.

During the service, they had slides for each team, as they announced each team and showed its slide, they had people on those teams stand up. All of us sat mostly together during the 2nd service [see blurry photo] and it was pretty cool. The mass of student mission humanity.

Mission Sunday is a great idea. However, two things come to mind for improvement. First, Fathers Day isn't the best Sunday to do it. Secondly, on a much broader scale, mission isn't just about going to another place. We all know that, but have to make sure we don't glorify missionaries more than anyone else that is living with intention and purpose.

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