Monday, June 12, 2006

Two roles of a mission project leader

Seth Barnes writes about two roles of a mission project leaders:
Spiritual Director
- Provides spiritual direction for the trip
- Ensures that our project mission and objectives are met
- Oversees logistics coordinator
- Equipped to train groups in listening prayer
- Leads debriefs
- Ensures learning
- Ensures unity of spirit and purpose

Logistics Coordinator
- Ensures safety
- Keeps things on schedule
- Compiles ministry charts
- Communicates logistics
- Understands and can enforce standards of excellence

The Spiritual Director usually functions best by overseeing the Logistics Coordinator rather than the other way around. The project is a spiritual exercise before it is a logistical one.
It's definitely some sound advice. I like the idea of splitting the logistics and spiritual direction because I think both are large enough undertakings that having two people fulfill those roles is a great breakdown of the huge task that mission experiences are. And right now, I'm in the midst of the hugeness. I also appreciate his concept that the experience is spiritual before logistical.

Maybe what some of this means for SPACE is that we find out which side people have more strengths on - the logisitics versus the direction. Interesting division that needs more thought.

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