Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Sunday At Church

Sort of typical summer Sunday morning at church:
- show up for LC parents meeting, but a bit late. Have K meander around the Warehouse as long as she doesn't leave. Meeting ran out of time - no time for SPACE. Oh well.
- talk to a parent of two middle schoolers going on our LC trip. Parents have loads of cross cultural experience, including Teen Missions and growing up in Africa. Ding ding. Talk to them for a few minutes about our ideas of progression and strategy. Need to follow up with them for future Mission Advances - like that's going to happen.
- run into three 03 guys. All are doing really well. Especially TP - which has been a series of posts by himself. I can't tell you how good this news is - he looked absolutely fantastic. What can I say - it's the Developer strength in me.
- take K to class - move up Sunday, she is now in 3rd grade.
- back to Warehouse. LB and I collate all the visa materials - ones that are ready, ones that are not. She doesn't mind walking around with passports - she has more guts than me.
- introduce our potential NYC transplantee to some SPACE people.
- talk to our Senior High Admin about a venture with an overseas youth missions org, long story. Wish we could be better equipped, involved, partnered up.
- talk to our Senior High Pastor about projected church van use. The church van was on fire last Friday. Goodbye old green friend.
- collected one person's paperwork for Mission Advance - not due until next Sunday, but one is a good start.
- reviewed on LA team member's support letter. Not in the mail yet I guess?
- picked up more summer support donations.
- went to listen to Senior High Pastor SM talk during high school service. He showed pictures of real demon possessed people. Go SM, go!
- followed up an invitation to someone to lead worship at Mission Advance. She can't do it.
Busy, busy.

The afternoon was lighter. Bob Evans, Staples and Borders and then dinner at Grandpas and Grannys with K.

Photo: In homage to our old green church van, the rear and front of it the last time I drove it after successfully parallel parking it in NYC [with a spotter of course]

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