Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer Schedule

My summer schedule as it stands.

June 23 - 25 - SPACE Mission Advance

July 1 - 10 - family vacation in LA
Doing the Disneyland thing, seeing some family, the Madre is coming with us.
Hoping to go to Mosaic for church [I really want my kids to experience a Sunday there] and dropping in on Harambee but I have to be careful to make sure it is a *family vacation*.

sometime the week of July 10 - 15 - dropping in on our DC team

July 15 - dropping in on our LC CMTS team

July 26 - Aug 7 - Cameroon, Africa

Aug 8 - end of Aug:
days - in the cubicle nation
evenings - at the pool with my kids
nights - reflecting on the summer and gearing up for the Fall

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