Sunday, July 17, 2005

Post AZ

The Sun beat yellow down my face and lit the asphalt like some charcoal paste - and I stood on the top of the quarter pipe, afraid to drop in. Afraid of the fall. Afraid of what it meant to leave the safety of the horizontal. I had no problem going down the gentle incline of faith - few appreciate being forced to swallow a steep change in altitude while standing on four wheels, or the four pillars of house, school, employment & play.

Our God is an extreme God. A God that drops in on people he loves. Instead of sitting up on high, he leans forward and flows into our lives. An extreme God rids himself of his kingly estate and drops into our ordinary. An extreme God feels the awkwardness of the moment and starts to wash the other people's feet. An extreme God plays outside in the heat demanding that we do not hinder the little children from coming.

An extreme God loves his people more then the law and death- finds a way out, pays the price with his own life. An extreme God not only lives in human form for us, but dies to set us free. He came for:

an extreme reason:
in an extreme way,
and left in an extreme manner.

and this was all for you.
So, drop in,
as he dropped in for you.

Read more about the after effects of the Drop In outreach from PM. Watch this community of students become men and women that change the world because they are out of their mind...

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