Thursday, July 28, 2005

Londrina, Brazil

I mentioned a bit in a previous post about some mistakes on my last international missions trip. Here is what I think we are doing right this time:
- Long term partnership
We are working with a family from GCC. They used to live in Maryland and are one of the families that are homegrown on mission.
- Engage the local culture
Our team is going to be split up and staying with at least two families, possibly three. There is no sense of an American 'compound' as such this time, no concept of us retreating to our little home away from home. Home for us will be totally Brazilian.
- Setting up local ministry
One of the things we will be doing there is being involved in a culture exchange. It will look something like us hanging out with Brazilian high schoolers, being exposed to elements of culture from both countries. This is a great opportunity to jump start relationships that our hosts have with students, since our hosts work on a college campus. It could help getting them started for the next college term. Another activity we will be involved in is planting a garden at a local school.
In both cases, it's not as simple as bringing a team to build a church or construct something and then leaving. Instead, our activities should really give something for our indigenous, local ministry leaders to follow up on and build upon.
- To bless our family away from home
I hope that the team is sick of me saying this... Our whole mission is to bless and serve our GCC family. The rest is just icing.

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