Friday, July 22, 2005

I love these parents

I've been going a little nuts this week trying to get all of our team's visa paperwork for Brazil. Of course, I need to make sure this integral fact is clear - this last minute pressure of all of this is totally my fault. I had everything we needed, but didn't get the info out in time. Now, everyone is running around like a bat out of ....
We turned in 4 out of 10 last night (the VISA guy lives a few miles down the road) and he said everything looked good and they were in the Brazil counsular office today. (I know because the church got a call about them.) So that is great news. Thanks for continuing to pray about them.
Even though I totally dropped the ball, the parents of these kids have been phenomenal. They have totally bent over backwards to get all the stuff their kids need. Not only that, they've apologized for being so late. Not only that, they've offered to help me do whatever needs to be done. (I didn't bring up tiling the shower though.) And, they have all done it with such a great attitude. Note the envelope above. I don't know what language that is in the lower right corner, but I do know that it made me laugh out loud when I read it. "Importante." Not only are these parents so helpful, they crack me up. No wonder each student on this team is so great.

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