Friday, July 08, 2005

more vacationing

we are STILL having a great time.  i'm not sure i wrote that we were in hilton head, sc.  we've been here before so we know what to expect.  but tons to do for both kids and adults.  this time we are so spoiled, we are renting a house with a pool.  i know rough.
between swimming, eating and napping, i'm thinking through Daniel as prep for AZ and my time with prayingmantis and his students.  really looking forward to that.
only two slight bumps - having to do dial up, and a slight bump in the road for something i was really really hoping for.  its ok, we will get used to it, God has a bigger plan.
we checkout on sat, spend the night in savannah with my sister in law and then i fly out sunday afternoon.  back home wednesday night, go to work on thurs, LC trip on friday, back home on sunday.  two weeks and then brazil.
K has made some incredible progress in her swimming.  long time readers know that i'm not a swimmer at all.  i've only really learned in the last 4 years or so, and i still have far to go.  this week K and I both swam to the bottom of the pool for the first time, using those dive toys.  it's a totally wild wild experience for me - i never imagined i could do it.  and it's wild that K is so much more aquatic than i ever hoped to be.  i'm glad though, i didn't want my kids to be as handicapped around the water as i was growing up.
fixed some of my posts from my phone that were messed up - that weird text over text.

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