Tuesday, July 19, 2005

getting our attention

In one of my recent posts, I faintly alluded to something that I had really wanted.  I can't write too much more about it, but it was something that I thought God had really planned for.  We'll call this plan X.  It wasn't a material thing, but something much bigger than that.  Anyway, it didn't work out and I was a bit surprised that it didn't.  At dinner last night (SO good to be with the fam again), D and I were chatting about the rather strange things that have happened of late:
* the healings and somewhat miracles that happened in AZ
- Susie's knee being prayed for
- Courtney's headache going away after Mandy (of all people) kissing her forehead
- John's knee being prayed for
- Bill's gas tank being filled
* the stranger that bought $63 worth of ice cream at Dairy Queen for the LC kids
* D going to the doctor yesterday and having a miraculously low blood pressure (she has a history of high blood pressure)

D said something like God is taking care of us in spite of plan X not working out, He still wants us to know He is there.  Right on.

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