Monday, July 25, 2005

T minus 6 days until Brazil!

Summer greetings to all you partners of SPACE!!
(Students Prepared to Act for Christ's Empire - the student missions component of GCC's youth ministry)

Thanks to all of you who have prayed and supported this summer's SPACE activities.  Your involvement and support has been crucial as we seek to send some pretty cool kids intentionally into other cultures and experiences to expand the Kingdom forth.

I've had some pretty phenomenal experiences this summer so far.  As I wrote about in my support letter, I was able to spend a few days
helping out with a community outreach with a youth pastor friend in Gilbert, AZ.  We had a great time reaching out to the community via a skatepark outreach, his local church's VBS and helping lead and direct a great community of students.  We may potentially partner in the future on some student mission projects.  I also helped lead a 21 person team of middle school kids and leaders that helped with an organization that supports missionaries with technical services.  We did various work projects around the property including washing and cleaning cars, lots of lawn and landscaping work and general cleaning.

As of now, we are about 6 days away from departing for the Brazil team.  Our team of 10 students and leaders are very excited about serving and encouraging GCC missionaries the McMs.  Plans include a culture exchange with Brazilian high schoolers, a one day baseketball camp and planting a community garden at a local school.

Our departure is July 31st and we would really appreciate your prayers about the following:
- that our visas are approved in the next day or two with no issues
- a safe arrival and good health for the entire team
- that our team would pour out ourselves in order to serve and encourage the McMs

Feel free to check with updates about our mission to Brazil.  Thanks once again for supporting SPACE - you are integral to the next generation of students creating the future for the Kingdom!

- tony

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