Friday, July 29, 2005


My wife D does an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes stuff for SPACE. I'm going to try to list it all, with just recent memory, but I know I'm going to miss something...

- SPACE chef - made taco salad for 40 people for missions prep day
- SPACE art director - two posters for Brazil and CMTS mission teams
- SPACE dessert queen - made a Brazilian lime pie for our team meeting
- SPACE bookkeeper - organized, entered and reported on over 350 SPACE contributions totalling more than $22K
- SPACE mission leader - helped brainstorm and execute our DC day, with some great ideas including going to the Air and Space Museum, culture survey and not going to Adams Morgan
- SPACE administrator - helping to coordinate, organize and double and triple check all the visa paperwork
- SPACE help desk - answering crazy questions from parents about shots, etc
- SPACE maid - cleans up the international SPACE office for me
- SPACE permission granter - lets me do this crazy experiment
- Sheng general contractor - making sure our bathroom remodel goes fine next week, with two kids in tow
And of course, sooo many other things.

But what she does best is being a wife and mother. That counts multitudes more than anything in the list above.

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