Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Had fun tonight with my buddy T, speaking to a college Bible study. Talked about the connection between service and evangelism... the idea of evangelism is no longer just the proposition of information only... and how breaking that mold of evangelism helps us tie service together with lives that are engaged. it was a lot of fun, i love working with T.
Been reading through Acts some last week while on vacation... what a wild collection of stories, I had never read it before like I read it last week.
Acts 8
Phillip and the Ethopian
- this guy will not stop until someone explains the Gospel
- Phillip has this wild honor, God speaks, he listens, God uses him
- Phillip baptizes the guy and then when the Ethopian comes up out of the water, God has taken Phillip away to a whole different location.
Huh? I love it!!

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