Sunday, July 24, 2005

SPACE summer finance

With Trinidad now off and in the field, the other team dealing with finances is Brazil. In 11 weeks of raising support for these two SPACE teams, we have raised about $22K. That's about $2K per week, which I think is a pretty astonishing number.
A few things I have noticed regarding this summer's finances:
- Protect donor information. Make sure that your leaders that need to know the information (for thank you cards, current status, purchasing items and budgeting) understand how sensitive it is.
- Work in tandem with the church's finance people. We have a great accountant who has gone out of her way to help us. For example, we enter all the donations into an Excel spreadsheet, but only date, donor name, amount, team name, team member. We use that for feedback to the team members. Our accountant actually enters all the personal info of the donor into some accounting system. At the end of the year, they generate all the receipts. So she has made it really easy for us. Once you have agreed on a system, it will go much easier.
- Don't manage the donations by hand. Use a computer. If you have experience with Excel, you know what it can do. My top three Excel things - Sort, AutoFilter, Subtotals.

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