Friday, July 29, 2005

Leader Reading

One of the hands down best parts about this trip is the leader team.  I've said it before, I'm saying it again.  These guys and gals do whatever it takes in order for the mission.

- JB went into a sporting goods store with a handwritten letter for me, on some psuedo church stationary, asking if he could get a discount on some flag football stuff for the trip. (He got 50% off by the way.)
- JB and FZ drove into DC looking for the visa place.  When they got there, there was no one there.
- LB sat in the international SPACE office and copied and scanned passports and visas with D.  For a few hours.
- All three wrote some hott devotions for the plane ride.
- JB and FZ collected various facts about Brazil and common phrases in Portueguese.
- LB and FZ put together the plane packets.

Totally my privilege to lead with them.  Part of the honor is getting to create and shape their ethos, while they do the same with the students.  (Yup, that message from Erwin again.)  So one of the things I did is put a little packet of "light" reading together.  Below are the articles.
(If you are one of my leaders reading this, stop reading now.)
- Billions to be won - going after the largest mission field in the world - youth
- STM - make a difference?
- Alex McManus - plant churches?
- Alex McManus - the News and hospitality
- Organic Multiplication

Wow... it is late Friday night and we leave Sunday evening.

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