Thursday, February 05, 2004

When Fellowship Fails
D and I have been talking a lot today about a couple that we know whose not doing to well. I think the church has failed them in many respects.
1 - They have made them 'do' too much, in terms of church programs. Teach this, lead this, be here for this. Despite your young family, despite the fact that there are older, wiser people, more along in their journey, who don't need as much time at home, all who are plenty capable to do those things.
2 - Their 'good' friends have failed to call them on some pretty significant issues. It's sad, because if I were in their shoes, I would want someone to say something, if they felt like it was a big enough deal. Like, "Hey, I think you being stoned while driving your kids to school is bad." Of course, I'm making that extreme example up. But if you were crazy, wouldn't you want your friends to say something?
3 - Their 'good' friends have seemingly almost given up on them. No one seems to be seeking them out when they don't show up for things they have made commitments for. It's almost that the couple has maybe given up on the idea that anyone would care.
It's pretty sad. But I do need to mention that, I'm not in any of their shoes, so I really don't know first hand. I could be more off than imaginable. I would hope, with all my heart, that if that was me/us, our fellowship would dive to any depths to rescue us. And if it was someone in our close midst, we would do the diving...
Pray for the Bs if you could, for restoration and the Enemy would leave them alone.

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