Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Launch S Followup
Here is what I wrote to my prayer team about Launch S...
Thought I would post it even though I wrote details about it the other day too.
Pictures can be found on my fotoblog.
(TS, one of the SPACE team kids decided we should start calling the team
'SPACE crew'. I dig it.)

Hi friends,

Thanks for supporting and praying for Launch S.

Here are some details:

- 49 students and leaders
- Threw a beach party for residents at Sunrise Assisted Living
in Columbia, with the intention of engaging people
in conversations about true love
- Had cookie decorating, valentine card making, bingo
and poker with residents.
- Was ready for some worship time and one of the students
giving a Gospel presentation...
But ---
We had too many people and it wasn't working out for Sunrise,
so they very politely asked us to leave...

- We then had lunch in the Hickory Ridge Village Center,
did worship and the Gospel talk right there in front
of Giant...

- And then made and gave out around 200 valentine cards
to residents at Lorien Nursing & Rehabilitation Center,
right up the road.

Not exactly what we had planned, but we got to hopefully impact
two nursing homes, a bunch of people in the Village Center
and had kids thinking about how to be strategic about the
real meaning of true love.

Thank YOU for your support!

- the SPACE crew

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