Thursday, February 19, 2004

Helping missionaries
Just got a cool email from a missionary from GCC. Talking about the idea of sending a youth team to work with them, probably not this summer though. J has outlined some of the things they have had people do, even without being able to speak the language. This is good info - people sometimes think they can't do anything unless they know the lanaguage, but it really isn't true.
Also reminds me of the missions trip I heard about where the people went and didn't have a set place to stay. They were taught a few phrases in the language such as 'I am an American interested in learning about your culture,' and 'I am looking for a place to live with someone from your culture.' The people on the trip all found places to live before they got off the plane trip.
"Typically, young people who've come out have been involved in a wide variety of activities depending on their length of stay, including homestays with nationals (both Muslim and Christian), ministry (friendship ev) to English-speaking collegians, leading English camps for young people on a remote island where one of our focus unreached groups lives, experiencing language and culture acquisition, and also serving our local team here (teaching VBS to our kids, baby-sitting, etc.). There's actually quite a bit they're able to do here just with speaking English. One of the highlights for our kids has been to have "big sisters and brothers" stay with us during part of their visits (usually during the orientation periods). "

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