Thursday, February 19, 2004

Lots of stuff in the pipeline. I'm finding that when you work on specific pieces of work, which have milestones, you need to be looking down the road to what is next, while putting the finishing touches on what is almost done. I've been doing this for years with work since we work on 'releases' of software, that require plans and designs for the future, before the current one has gone to market. I'm finding the same kind of pace with ministry tasks. It's good though, because I seem to take to it pretty readily.
So my pipeline looks like this right now:
- LC homeless day debriefing - tomorrow
- Info to SPACE crew about summer mission trip
- Finalize middle school missions weekend with CMTS
- Finding key leader(s) for SEMP for 9th graders (in the next 2 weeks) **my biggest risk right now, pray for it!
- Mission trips prep - 5 meetings, guest speakers, dates, locations, etc.
- CSM mission trip parent meeting - 2/28
- Pre CpR retreat plan meeting - 2/29
- CpR retreat workcrew staffing - 3/6
- April SPACE Launch - prob high school only - maybe a construction thing - KC is really running with this, which is good
- May SPACE Launch - end of year something big
It's pretty busy right now, but I love it.

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