Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Launch S prayer letter
Hi friends!

Would you say a quick prayer for this Saturday if you remember?
We are doing our next SPACE Launch, its called Launch S.
We are taking about 30 middle and high schoolers to a nursing
home in Columbia and throwing a Valentines Day/Beach party.
We are going to have some games, snacks, crafts, etc.

Probably the biggest thing you could pray for is that we
are able to communicate the meaning of true love to some
of the people that live there.
Some specific things that we have planned include:
- an activity where residents tell us their 'true love' story.
We will have a computer and print out their story on some
LLUUUV paper. A perfect lead in to have someone share
their definition of true love.
- some students will be leading a time of worship.
- one student (Leslie) will be doing a Gospel presentation.

I'm excited, I think its going to be a lot of fun as well as
be pretty strategic both in the lives of these students
and the people we come in to contact with.


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