Thursday, February 05, 2004

V Day 2004
So I'll spill the beans here, since I don't think anyone reads this.
The next SPACE launch, for both middle and high schoolers is on vday. We are going to throw a beach party at a Senior Citizens home. It's going to be cool.
The reasoning behind it is simple - we want to talk about love, on the day that the world takes time out to talk about love, in a different way. We want to impact a major segment of society, steering them into the meaning of true love. We want to expose these great, wise, old people to the author of real love, to the One that went all out, that spoke and acted on love that was greater than any other kind of love imaginable. And we want to get kids to do that.
Can I just tell you, I know God is going to use it strategically, in a pretty significant way...
Here are some of the plans:
- beach music
- limbo (but prob not for the senior citizens)
- vday cookie decorating
- vday card making
- a 'tell your true love story' thing (we'll have a computer and a printer and have residents tell us the story and we'll print it for them on some nice vday paper)
- some live worship
- a short gospel presentation (by one of our students, Leslie. This is probably what I most excited about - indigenous leadership - adult driven/student led, etc.)

We did this last year, with my Dteam from 03. We went to this place for 3 weeks just hanging out and helping with bingo, making friends, playing poker. On the last night ,we brought the girls from the grade, flowers, cards, pictures, etc. It was pretty neat. But I think this year is going to be better.

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