Monday, February 09, 2004

Spencer Burke's Making Sense of Church
Picked these up at Justins blog.
Good way of thinking...
* Tour Guide to Traveler - a Conversation about Leadership
* Teacher to Facilitator - a Conversation about Learning
* Hero to Human - a Conversation about Spiritual Growth
* Consumer to Steward - a Conversation about Ministry
* Retailer to Wholesaler - A Conversation about Missions
* Adversary to Ally - a Conversation about Faith
* Warrior to Gardener - a Conversation about Evangelism

I really like the Facilitator one. And the Retailer to Wholesaler has me intruiged. I'll probably have to pick up the book. All of it reminds me about the Perspectives ideas about learner, trader and story teller. Here is another article that expands on those ideas.

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