Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Food becomes the Enemy
Food is never my enemy. But a very very interesting article here about how eating disorders are affecting younger and younger kids. I see it with my older daughter, the other day she talked about going on a diet. She is 6. Not to mention, it seems like everyone around me is on a diet. But not me, like I said, food and I are friends...
- ''The way this country deals with food is not normal,'' said Dr. Rosina Pellerano, who specializes in eating disorders. ``It's about using food as a vehicle to deal with stressors. And it's not going away.''
- "Studies have shown that after seven years of treatment, about half of anorexics recover fully. A third continue to struggle. More than 10 percent die from the disease, which has the highest mortality of any mental disorder."
Wow... So, the odds are that someone in your circle of students that you minister to is dealing with this, either directly or indirectly. I think its two-fold, reacting and helping kids in crisis, and (and I think this is big) helping kids that haven't run into these issues yet deal with the right way to look at self-image, food, etc.
It's one of the things that I have against Barbies... Not that they are terrible, with two little girlies, we have quite a few of them. And the girls just LOVE them. But I want them to grow up with a worldview of who God created them to be, and what that means in relation to the way they look, and all that. You guys know what I mean...

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